External Painting

Planned and Reactive Maintenance


When it comes to management of your property it is helpful that ongoing maintenance is carried out to help prevent damage to your property and maximise the protection of your building.

We are unfortunately at the mercy of the weather in and around Glasgow, so you can count on us to help with Reactive Maintenance also.

Roofing Project


Scheduling work throughout the year

To help minimise those un-expected costs, Planned Maintenance work to your property is scheduled well in advance. It may be a larger project but includes the following types of projects:

  • Re-decoration of external building

  • Re-tiling or re-slating a roof

  • Cleaning of cladding on a factory

These planned maintenance projects have less are not as urgent to your reactive maintenance requirements and are longer term focused. MKM can work with you to spend time identifying the key projects to be carried out down the line, and also assist with the essential Planning involved.

Unblocking Gutters via Cherry Picker


Here For You When You Need Us Most

Throughout the year unpredictable issues arise which have the potential to impact on your day to day operations. 

These issues tend to be smaller compared to Planned Maintenance, in terms of resource and material required to repair.

Some examples covered by our Reactive Maintenance include:

  • Unblocking drains and gutters

  • Repairing Roof Tiles and Slates

  • Resolving Water Ingress Issues

Whenever you work with MKM Property Services, you can trust that you’re in great hands to quickly resolve unexpected issues.