Based in Giffnock, we pride ourselves on being your favourite local Roofing company.

Our Roofing services provided in Giffnock and Thornliebank focus around Roof Repairs. It is a priority of ours that we are able to quickly attend to the most local roofing issues. From Emergency roof repairs to repairing storm damage to your tiled, slate or flat roof we are happy to help.


Keeping your home wind and water-tight.

Whether it be slate, tiled or a flat roof in Giffnock or Thornliebank we are experienced, qualified and eager to help you keep your home protected from the rain, wind and snow. 
There can be a variety of reason for roof repairs being required, and we offer a free, no-obligation quote to get to the bottom of any water ingress.


Professional roofing service at your business premises.

On small and large commercial properties, MKM can help you keep your business focused on day to day activities. At no cost we will survey your roof and get to the bottom of any water ingress. 

We can assist with repair to your metal sheet roof, tile or slate repairs, gutter repairs and lead repair.

Frequently issues can be resolved or prevented simply by carrying out regular gutter cleaning. But often it has been a while since gutters are cleaned, which can in turn cause damage to the gutters, and the building itself.

Regardless of the issue, we are here to help you keep your business running as it should be.


Quickly resolving your Roofing Problems

Our clients can't possibly anticipate Roof issues, but at MKM we can react quickly to your roofing repairs in Giffnock and Thornliebank. We are based on Burnfield Avenue, and customers in all areas of Giffnock and Thornliebank are important to us. We promise to be quick to react to your roofing concerns as we know how unsettling the winter months can be for property owners. 

On occasion there may be a requirement to carry out a temporary repair to simply allow you to get through the night, or to shore things up quickly. At MKM we can provide this Emergency repair quickly in Giffnock and Thornliebank to allow you to take stock of the impact of storms and bad weather. From work via our cherry picker, to working via ladders we are happy to help.

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