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Welcome to our new site!

For a number of reasons our new website has been a long time coming! In the past we have outsourced the work on our website(s) which in itself had its advantages and disadvantages, but we ultimately wanted to be more in control of one of our most prized assets! So top of the list for 2018 was to try out this website caper for ourselves! Hopefully we are doing an ok job?

We promise to keep our website up to date, showcase the work we carry out and generally help with the maintenance of your property through providing ideas and advice both on our website and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So what have we been up to? Well, now that the snow, 'The Beast from the East' and 'The Pest from the West' have gone, we have been able to get back to business! Over the past week we have been carrying out a range of services in and around Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire. 'The Mearns' is a key area for our business - fundamentally I live in Newton Mearns myself and we carry out a lot of work for friends, local businesses, Schools, Nurseries and new clients generated through 'word of mouth'. It's important we continue to grow and meet more new customers across Newton Mearns as we are able to carry out reactive and planned maintenance in a quick and effective manner simply due to being based nearby.

With the weather picking up (!) we have been painting fences, decking and sheds for a lovely family just off Capelrig Road. This initially involved cleaning the timber with a spot of pressure washing, and following up with applying an anti-fungal wash. Along with the client we are hopeful that the painting can be completed just in time to enjoy the garden through the Spring and Summer months. The work should be completed this week, so we will upload the pictures once we've finished up.

But for now I'll leave you with a picture of Jonathan loving his work, and becoming 'at one with the brush'.