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How can we clean away up there?!

Gutter and silo cleaning, Glentanar Industrial Estate, Glasgow.

Maintenance of your own property can be a headache at times. At home cutting the grass and painting the fence is something most of us can manage safely and fairly enthusiastically even! However there are certain elements of property maintenance that aren’t so straightforward. They may require a specialist trade - a Builder, a Roofer, a Painter, a Plumber or maybe a heating engineer. But what if you are responsible for the maintenance of a Commercial property? The Maintenance of a hotel, a care Home, offices, industrial units or factories are a different headache altogether! But do not dispair too much - there are lots of ways in which we can help! Recently we carried out a combination of cleaning services for our client Pars Foods in Glentanar Industrial Estate. They have a large industrial unit from which they run their successful business in the North side if Glasgow. The initial job was a gutter clean, which we have agreed be carried out each year to keep on top of things. On units such as these the gutters are deep and wide and a large volume of debris can build up in them. By keeping them clean it reduces the amount of debris that is removed each year, but ultimately ensures that rainwater is channelled efficiently off the roof, away from the building to the Downpipes, protecting the roof and internal areas of the building.

You can see below there were a few bags of debris to take away from this site! But this is commonplace and it’s amazing what builds up that can’t be seen from the ground.

Now that gutters were cleaned we planned to slot in another visit - but this time we were tasked with cleaning the externals of two large silos (storage structures). Due to the height of the silos we could not clean from the ground, so opted to pressure wash the containers from our van mounted cherry picker. 

The cherry picker allowed us to get up close to the silos to ensure that a thorough and time-efficient clean could be carried out.

We love this kind of work - working on commercial and industrial properties requires additional equipment like cherry pickers at times, but ultimately skilled and experienced Roofers are essential for working safely at height on roofs. And with both cleaning and roofing as key areas of our business we are well placed to provide a tailored gutter cleaning and pressure washing at height service for factories and commercial clients alike.