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Great Roofing results in Barrhead! But what surprise was waiting for us?!

Another week, and another weather bomb! Beast From the East 2! But despite the latest influx of wind, snow and rain it has been a very productive week at MKM.

We have been finishing off a great job in Barrhead where we had been tasked with replacing gutters, and rotten fascia boards and soffits. The client was looking for a like for like replacement in timber, and to keep the existing red colour in line with neighbouring properties. As you can see from the picture, the timber was old, damaged and tired and in need of an upgrade.

Once scaffold was up we began stripping the UPVC gutters, weather boards and soffit boards. Now whilst there was the usual debris hidden behind the boards with years of abandoned bird nests, we came across the most unusual of findings! Somehow two car windscreens, from what we assume would be a Mini, were removed from behind the weather boards! Certainly not something you'd expect to see when carrying out roofing works.

car windscreens removed from eaves!

Years of debris behind fascia boards

Rewinding slightly, we had arranged for the weather boards and soffits to be primed and painted in our unit. So whilst the snow was piling up across the country we were able to get to work on our fascias and soffits off site! The boards were then transported to the job for our Roofing Team to cut to size and fit around the roof.

This job was a real success for a number of reasons, but one of the key elements to getting a job like this right is having the right access. As part of the job we organised scaffolding to be erected fully round the building to enable the roofers to have a suitable working height. The scaffold is not not only a safe platform to work from, but it provides a practical working height and ease of access to awkward sections of the roof.

Scaffolding set up with perfect working height!

Roofing project with scaffolding erected

Now that the scaffolding is down we can truly see how the building has been enhanced. The rich colour with gloss finish gives a slick but solid look. So, a great job that is right up our street, keeping our Roofing Team happy and our client even happier! Hopefully you'll agree results are fantastic...

New shiny fascias and soffits

Close up of newly fitted weather boards and gutters

For all Fascia board and soffit repair and maintenance work in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow and beyond please don't hesitate to get in touch to arrange a free survey and no-obligation quote.