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External Painting and Decorating in Newton Mearns

Just in time for the latest blast of Spring's snow and freezing temperatures - last week we completed a timber painting project in Newton Mearns. Now, there was a lot of wood to paint! A shed, a summer house, decking, a staircase, climbing frame, table and chairs, and a lot of fencing! So read on to see how we successfully transformed the look of the garden. Here are some images before we started....


Before we could start with painting, there was some preparation required first. All the wood had to be cleaned to remove the algae, and general dust, dirt and cobwebs. The best way to do this was to pressure wash all surfaces. Once the wood had dried we then applied an anti fungal wash to kill off any remaining algae. It’s important to kill off the algae before painting, otherwise you can trap the algae beneath the wood preserve or paint causing wood to rot.


The Newton Mearns weather prevented us from getting back the next day, so we returned a few days later whilst it was dry to paint all the fences around the garden, with a second coat applied once dry. We opted to use masonry rollers on this type of fence to speed things up, with a small brush for the edges and nooks and crannies. We used a Cuprinol fence paint on this job, with customer opting for a light golden colour, giving the wood a nice warm summer colour whilst being natural in tone, not too bold and tying in with the colours of brick on the house itself.


Now it was on to the painting of the decking, the shed, the summerhouse and other items of garden furniture. The wood had already been thoroughly cleaned, but the decking required to be swept clean of leaves, dust and dirt before we could apply paint. We want the decking to look as good as new so it’s important to sweep up all loose dirt before painting.

We opted to stick with Cuprinol again, this time the customer went for a pale grey colour. Greys are very popular just now for internal decorating in particular. And clients are increasingly bringing the inside out, by choosing more traditional internal colours and styles for their outdoor living spaces. Two tone colouring is a good way to break up the painted timbers. Where there is a lot of wood being painted, it’s easy to paint everything the same colour, but using your internal design skills, the two tone option can really make a modern statement. Greys with white, different shades of the same colour or in this case a natural wood colour to go with grey are great, simple ways to decorate your garden in different modern style.

Again, two coats of paint for all decking, sheds and furniture ensure the job not only looks complete but gives the wood the protection it requires.

All painting copmplete, and this garden is now ready for the spring, summer and all the outside entertaining you can squeeze in!

For all internal, external painting and decorating and general refurbishment in Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Clarkston, Barrhead, Paisley, and the wider Glasgow area please don’t hesitate to get in touch!