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Eaglesham garden straightened out!

Eaglesham was once again the location for a successful landscaping project. We were contacted by a lovely couple who wanted some assistance with their rear garden to get it into shape, and to help keep maintenance as low as possible.

The views of the landscape beyond from the garden were beautiful, but the garden wasn't quite making the most of these. Our customer was looking to clear the garden, simplify and create nice straight lines which in turn would frame the view from the garden.

So first of all it was a case of removing the shed, various amounts of debris to clear the garden of as much as possible. With the property being a mid-terraced house, we opted to fill our trailer up with the debris and dispose at our skip at our office. This removes the need for a skip on the neighbours driveway, and at least keeps the neighbours on side!

There was a lot of excess soil which had been built up as part of building works on and next to our customers property. So the next stage was to spread this soil. A digger would have been very useful, but due to access we had to produce an alternative. Thankfully the onsite plant provided some assistance...

The customer wanted to create two sections within the garden that were maintenance-free (or as maintenance-free as we could manage!). This would break the garden up, but still give the feeling of space.

They opted to section the two areas off with sleepers, and create a chipped section at the top with warm Cotters Gold chips. These were laid on a sturdy weed prevention membrane to prevent weeds from growing up through the chips.

The section section, again had weed prevention fitted, with decorative bark to contrast with the chips, and finally a slabbed path created straight down the middle to draw your eye to the beautiful view beyond.

There's still a stage to take place in this garden - with a proposed patio area close to building itself. But you can now see how the views from the garden have transformed and the how garden has become so much more spacious with the straight lines of the sleepers, the square sections, and the straight slabbed path right down the middle.

A great job for us to carry out during the recent snow flurries! And a happy customer looking forward to the next stage of landscaping their garden.