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It's been a hard time for Gutters!

It's been a long, long winter but hopefully we are out of the worst of it! Now it's time to get your property maintenance back on track....

Recently we have been asked to carry out a fair amount of gutter repairs. Leaking gutters, gutters being replaced... the snow, wind and rain has certainly taken its toll on all our gutters!

Just today we have fitted a new gutter to a conservatory in Eaglesham, East Renfrewshire (image below). The recent snow which had built up the gutters, resulted in the gutters and fascia boards being dislodged from the conservatory! Now as you can see we have a new gutter securely fitted to the fascia board which in turn is securely fitted to the conservatory.


The winter has been a busy period for us with regards to gutter maintenance and repair. When it is safe to do so and there's a break in the snow, we have utilised our van mounted cherry picker to carry out repair work to those difficult to reach gutters. Here we are in Thornliebank carrying out repairs to a 3 storey building. At this property the gutter was not connected to the downpipe, which was causing water to run down the face of the building. A short trip up in the cherry picker and we re-connected the gutter and downpipe and secured to ensure water channelled away effectively for a long time to come.

We regularly carry out gutter cleaning and maintenance to 3 storey buildings locally in East Renfrewshire in surrounding areas and across Glasgow, and for many properties our trusted cherry picker allows us to safely get to a height where we can comfortably clean and repair gutter but also carry out Roof Surveys whilst we are up there.


It's important that gutters are cleaned out regularly. For many an annual gutter clean keeps on top of things, but we have clients where a 6 monthly service is required due to the amount of debris that builds up in them.

Well maintained gutters will channel rainwater away from your building, so it's key that debris which can block gutters is removed. Keeping gutters clean will also help prevent your downpipes from blocking.

Whilst there is a cost attached to keeping your gutters cleaned, the costs without doubt outweigh the benefits. There are a number problems that can be created - damage to fascias and soffits, issues with the render, roughcast of brickwork of your property, water ingress and also repair work required to the gutters themselves.

We carry out regular gutter cleaning for a long list of domestic customers in Thornliebank, Giffnock, Clarkston, Busby, Eaglesham, Newton Mearns, Barrhead, Neilston and Uplawmoor - right across East Renfrewshire and beyond. We also carry out commercial gutter cleaning in these areas and in and around Glasgow, Hamilton, Paisley, and East Kilbride.