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Gutter Cleaning Season is in Full Flow!

We clean gutters in and around Giffnock, East Renfrewshire all year round, but come the end of October the trees have just about shed all their leaves, so gutters are full and in need of being cleared.

Gutters needing cleared of debris

Whilst we provide scheduled gutter cleaning each year for our customers right across Glasgow, we are also here to unblock gutters which are missing some TLC. And with the wind and rain we have to come expect in Central Scotland the level of reactive gutter cleaning visits tends to increase. Some issues relate simply to a lack of ongoing planned maintenance, and as a result gutters become blocked, downpipes become blocked, gutters overflow with water, and in a number of cases there are repairs required to the gutters, the joints, and the downpipes themselves. We simply recommend a regular gutter cleaning service is adopted to reduce the risk of damage to the gutters and the external, and sometimes internal, elevations of the building. Keeping gutters clear (like image below) allows the gutters to do their job of safely channelling water away from the property and prevent gutters from being over-worked which causes damage and results in repairs being required.

Nice newly cleaned Gutters

Of course ongoing maintenance does not cover every eventuality and the stormy weather which we can experience can cause damage to your property. As a result we are not only out cleaning gutters, but carrying out repairs that have been caused by strong winds and heavy rainfall. So whilst we visit your property to carry out your gutter clean our Roofing Team will check your roof over for any obvious issues which you may not see from the ground (Below are some examples of damage to your roof that can't be easily from ground level). This will hopefully help identify any potential issues to your roof at an early stage and make your job of caring for your home much, much easier.

Damaged tile discovered whilst gutter cleaning

Damaged roof surveyed during gutter clean

Broken tile discovered during gutter clean