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Pitch Perfect In Newton Mearns!

Sunny Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire was the location for this fantastic garden project, and what an exciting project it was to be involved in. The customer had some great ideas and we all genuinely couldn't wait to get started.

So once materials began to arrive, it was time to kick things off on this new, sporty back garden!


For all golf enthusiasts, this initial project is a an absolute 'must'! And for a landscaping company - this is exciting!

Frequently we come across areas in a garden which are described as 'dead space'. At this property there is a long thin section of ground which very often becomes the location for a shed or two! But after initial discussions with the customer, together we came up with the idea of installing a putting green where the kids, and more importantly Dad, could practice their putting without nosy neighbours watching their progress (or lack of it!).

The putting green would sit on a concrete base, and the 'green' would be a short pile sports surface to give the golfer a fast, smooth surface from which to practice.

Holes were made at either end of the concrete base with cups inserted to give the customer secure holes that would be long-lasting, to putt into.

The putting green was now complete, and with the chip border looks absolutely perfectly placed - neatly located in a space which could easily have been home for a shed or storage containers, but this option is so much more fun and a great feature for the kids to enjoy and for Dad to show off!


To other side of the property the customer wanted to expand the existing slabbed path. This extension of slabs made better use of the space for access and for moving the bins to and from the garden to the front of house.

The guys lifted the existing chipped border, prepared the ground with sand and cement and laid 2x2 slabs alongside the existing 3x2 slabs.

A timber edger was fitted at the base of the fence and the remaining space filled with chips

The finished results of the slabbed path give a much clearer look and feel to the side of the house, and customer was absolutely right to make better use of the space. Very practical indeed!

The larger part to the project was to make good use of a good sized rear garden. The new house owners were given a blank canvas to work with, which can be tricky when trying to envisage what the garden will look like once complete. The key for this customer was that they wanted modern, clean straight lines, low maintenance, but something nice to sit in during the summer where guests, family, and friends can be entertained comfortably.

There was a fair amount of preparation work - we wanted the garden to be sectioned into larger flat blocks to give some kind of depth, but at the same time remove the gentle slope. For this we opted for using sleepers to frame out the different levels and to create the large patio, artificial grass and raised bed areas that the customer was looking for.

The finished results have provided the kids with a large area to play football on with the pitch framed with timber sleepers, and a very subtle raised bed topped with bark at the rear of the garden. Some Golden Gravel chips tie in with the warm tones of the sleepers and buff riven slabs.

Artificial grass is a very popular option in modern gardens. Like everything there are pros and cons, but ultimately this garden will look beautiful all year round, maintenance is low and kids can play outside day and night, wet or dry!

To keep the adults happy we laid a large patio which where good sized patio furniture can be situated and there's still plenty space from which they can entertain visitors whilst keeping an eye on the kids!

All in all, this was a great landscaping project for our landscapers to complete in Newton Mearns. A very lovely family to work for, and some great features to be involved in implementing.