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Netherlee Garden Transformation!

As the sun threatens to come out, we have brought another garden transformation to a close in nearby Netherlee, Clarkston. It's been another fantastic job to work on, and a pleasure to work with a lovely family who are crossing fingers and toes that the weather improves, and that the garden can be enjoyed with a glass of wine and a cold beer!


The key message that our customer put across, was that space in the garden was to be maximised, and through our conversations there were a number of ways in which we could do this....

Firstly, to gain space in a garden we can remove large plants and shrubs. There were some border bushes and plants which took up space, but the rear climber also gave the impression of taking up space and narrowed the garden. Simply cutting these away gives the look of a clearer area and very quickly widens the garden. As part of the clearing process there was a large tree stump, which if not removed would compromise other elements of the project. The decision was made to cut down further and grind out the stump. Tree stump removal is an extremely useful method of gaining space in a garden - not only do they take up the immediate area that it is situated in, but the area around the tree stumps are compromised also.

Tree stump and climber to be removed


Next we agreed on a plan to simplify the overall plan of the garden. There were a number of parts to this, firstly decking would be used to replace the existing slabbed patio and would form the path to the rear of the garden. And by keeping the decking all on one level throughout the garden, the garden quickly became less complex.


Low maintenance was another requirement in our customers' specification. So, to reduce the maintenance associated with grass cutting, edging and weeding artificial grass would be installed where existing grass area was. The area of artificial grass would be maximised by replacing the flower beds at one side, and where the tree stump once sat would be utilised to turf as large an area as possible.

Previously there was a slope in the grassed area, and there were flower beds which reduced the surface area. Once the area was levelled and prepared for laying the artificial grass, you go a real feel for space, straight lines and a less complicated garden.

Garden levelled and decking installed


Our customers were keen to be able to use their garden better, and for all ages to enjoy it. The artificial grass is great for the kids to play on, but the adults also need somewhere they can comfortably unwind in the evening and at weekends. The decking area would provide a traditional eating area, but we quickly found they were looking for something a bit more quirky. So, incorporated into a full length planter at one side of the garden we build a large seat nestled neatly between the two remaining trees. So as the sun moves round the garden, come the end of the day a glass of wine can be enjoyed as the sun sets on this area of the garden.

Garden seat made with sleepers and decking boards


Whilst, not as key as some of the other items specified by the customer, privacy was a nice-to-have element that was built in to the project without making the garden feel uninviting. The fences fitted on either side of the garden gave our customers the required privacy to enjoy a meal on the decking, or a relaxing snooze on the garden seat. These fences fed nicely in with overall plan of simplifying with the straight lines, drawing your eyes to the end of the now bigger, wider and longer garden - as if by magic!