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Keep on top of your Roof!

Rain in the Southside of Glasgow unfortunately is never far away, but at this time of year it's important to keep on top of any roof repairs to reduce the risk of water ingress and damage to your property.

We have been busy carrying out a range of Roofing services this past month right across Glasgow and nearby in Paisley, Newton Mearns, Giffnock, and Clarkston, some of which are reactive, some are preventive and finally ongoing roof and gutter maintenance has also kept us busy.


Carrying out reactive roof repairs is a key part of our service - it is certainly the area which we receive most enquiries for, and it's important that these are attended to quickly. Damaged gutters, slate and tile repairs are common issues that occur. This can be due to the age of the property, lack of maintenance, or isolated issues which have occurred as a result of the lovely weather we get here in the southside of Glasgow!

lead repair in newton mearns

In the above image we were called out to a job in Newton Mearns where water was coming through the kitchen ceiling. Once we had stripped back the tiles we discovered that the lead was directing rainwater beneath the tiles. So once this was re-dressed we were able to replace the tiles and prevent any further water ingress. This happened during heavy rainfall, and the falling day the repair was carried out.

So if you've had issues as a result of bad weather, please get in touch and we will visit within 24 hours to help you resolve.


Preventive roof maintenance is frequently overlooked. If it's not broken don't touch it. That said it's important to take into consideration the age of your property, the anticipated lifespan of slates, tiles, and flat roofs. In the image below our client in Paisley had a number of dormer flat roofs, one of which had been leaking. This roof was coated in Rapidroof liquid rubber which is a seamless roof covering and will extend the life of the felt roof for years to come. The client also took the decision at that point to seal the other flat roofs as a preventive measure. This gives our client peace of mind that water ingress in other rooms around the house will not be as a result of lack of maintenance.

So for any preventive roof maintenance in Paisley and beyond, don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your options.

flat roof coated with liquid rubber in Paisley


The key job here is gutter cleaning. We regularly carry out scheduled gutter cleaning throughout the year for our clients. This continuous service ensures that gutters are regularly cleaned, kept clear and allowed to do their job of channelling rainwater away from the building. Cleaning the gutters will not only protect the exterior of the building, but will help prevent internal water ingress.

Gutters being cleared of moss

This past month we have been cleaning gutters in Paisley, Glasgow, Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Clarkston, Shawlands and Easterhouse. So if you require gutter or roof maintenance in and around these areas we are more than happy to assist.