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Stairway to Newton Mearns Decorating Heaven!

Just in time for Spring, this home in Newton Mearns internal re-decorating project came to an end. The project required a number of trades to create a beautiful finish and make this a beautiful home inside and out. The signature piece of this project had to be the bespoke glass handrail which was fitted in the hallway. This totally transformed the entrance hall and became a nice fresh, open space which would be fantastic to come home to.


As can be seen from images above, the hall and stairs had a red carpet, and wall were covered in a patterned, textured wallpaper. Whilst in good condition, it was the aim to make the hall and stairs brighter and more open. And then end results absolutely hit the nail on the head!

The wallpaper was stripped, walls were sanded and filled, and walls and ceilings were painted with a wipeable white matt paint. The woodwork was painted with a white satin and right away the decorators had brightened up the area. Painted to a high standard this Newton Mearns home was starting to look the part.

With the carpet lifted, the owners chose a grey laminate wood flooring for the hallway. This practical solution is not only hard wearing and long lasting but is always modern and lighter than the previous floor covering. The family have children and a dog, so the right decision was made here to avoid a carpet which would struggle to cope with mucky paws and dirty football boots every day!

To give the hall a cosy feel, a rich grey carpet was chosen for the stairs. The carpet ties in perfectly with the laminate, but also gives a nice soft contrast to the hard wood.

Finally the glass banister! The previous banister was made from ornate spindles, and the homeowner wished to remove these to prevent having to re-paint them over time! Only once the banister was removed did the client buy into the glass idea. With the handrail removed, the area just opened up completely, so this is when it was decided that a bespoke glass handrail would look fantastic. The joiner fitted a new base rail, new handrail, and new posts at top and bottom of stairs. The templates were made up, and 3 made to measure sheets of toughened glass where fitted. Hall transformation done and we hope you agree, it looks fabulous!

The completed glass handrail and re-decorated hall