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Snow Joke This Weather!

Well if it's not one thing it's another - lockdowns, isolations, freezing conditions, and now, lots and lots and lots of snow!! But let's not dwell on all of that - now is the time for happy thoughts, for positive vibes, looking forward, looking after each other, and protecting what we've got and not taking the things we have for granted.

So how does that look for MKM Property Services I hear you ask......


Well when it snows what else is there is to do than get out in the garden or park and..... build a snowman! Here at MKM we are having to re-organise things with staff having to stay at home, but one of the guys is clearly making the most of his time off by spending some quality time with the family in the garden. I'm sure you'll agree our MKM snowman looks very happy with the job they've done! And before long we will be kicking off landscaping projects. We are desperate to get stuck into garden work, so if you're thinking about getting your garden ready for Spring or Summer drop us a message.


As mentioned in the blog last month, we were planning on carrying out some training in January. So we are delighted to say that four members of the team passed their PASMA training course with flying colours!! The guys were taking Work At Height training and also Towers for Users at the Onestop Access Training Centre in Hamilton.

PASMA is the recognised authority for mobile access towers, so membership for our guys demonstrates a certain level of competency, but it also focuses our operations in carrying out work in a safe environment. It's important that we continually look to work in the safest way, and that our team are aware of the various risks and hazards when carrying out tasks. So we would like to think that what more positive way to behave in current climate, than by investing in our workforce and enhancing the service provided to our loyal customers.


Here at MKM Property Services it's simply a case of onwards and upwards! We thank our customers for continuing to send in their enquiries and for their patience in booking in any non-essential work. We are very excited about the coming weeks and months, and together with the progress being made in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking forward to squeezing in as much as possible for our customers!

For anyone potentially thinking about carrying out work in their garden in the coming weeks, and months, NOW is the time to get in touch with us.

If we've learned anything over the past year it's to plan ahead. It's not always as easy to get our hands on materials, and lockdowns restrict lots of services, so it's vital that we all look that wee bit more in advance. So it may only be start of February, but for all garden projects that involve slabbing, artificial grass, turfing, fencing or decking please contact us now to get the ball rolling, and to avoid any disappointment. If you remember last year we spent a lot of time in our gardens, so now's the time to get planning!


We have all been spending a LOT more of our time at home, whether that's working from home, or having to entertain ourselves at home. So we would like to think that we are all appreciating our surroundings more than we ever have. We value what we've got. It might be a bit of cabin fever at times, but our homes are our sanctuary and that's never been more true than over the past year. So it's vital that we protect what we've got, look after it, and help keep it in the best condition it can be.

Now - in the greater Glasgow area, the weather has been awful. And let's be honest it's awful quite a lot! Things we should thinking about are roofs, gutters, the external fabric of your building. Our properties are exposed to a lot of unforgiving weather and it's so important that we repair issues quickly. Leaking or damaged gutters, slipped or broken tiles and slates - these are things that can be fixed easily and in doing so help avoid any headaches.

We can also take preventative measures, and that means thinking about things that can be done, in terms of routine checks and inspections, ongoing maintenance, that help protect our properties during the wet, or windy, or snowy, or icy weather that we all know too well! So think about annual gutter cleaning - this is something that is frequently overlooked. It's out of sight, so why bother? Well we carry out a lot of gutter cleaning and we remove literally TONNES of debris from the properties we visit every year. The removal of debris from gutters is a great way to help protect your gutters, the external fabric of your property and to keep your building water tight - so it's a great maintenance task that helps look after your home. And whilst we are up there - it doesn't take much to check things over. Are there tiles that have slipped since last visit? Has the pointing come away at the chimney? Are there cracks in the lead that should be considered? There are lots of reasons for checking your roof over, so to help protect your house don't hesitate to get in touch to book in a visit.